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My name is Anna Sasha and I am the author of this blog: Anna Recipes Easy. I have a degree in Geography and History and I am passionate about cooking. In the summer of 2018 I decided to open my cooking blog to store my recipes and have them sorted so I could share them with my friends, who often asked for them. We always stayed in a “you’ll give it to me” that never came.

I am a mother of two children: Clara of ten years and Pau of six. They, along with my husband, are the ones who support me at all times so that I can write my cooking blog. I am from a beautiful town called Castelló de Farfanya, in Lleida and I live in Logroño with my family.

I like the kitchen that can be prepared easily at home and with ingredients found in the nearby supermarket at reasonable prices . My recipes are very traditional, since they are the ones I usually prepare on a daily basis. I like easy cooking, with basic recipes that allow you to adapt to the ingredients found at home without having to go shopping.

I am in charge of preparing the recipes, taking the photos, the video, also the edition, the writing and its dissemination on social networks. It’s a lot of work, but I admit that I love it.

My social networks:

I am present in social networks where I publish all the news. You can access my profile in each of them in the links that I leave below.

When I opened the blog, I also opened my Facebook page, Anna Recipes Easy , to share all my news there and now I have more than 3,000,000 followers. More than followers, they are friends because they tell me, they think, they show me how they cook my recipes and they ask me for advice. They also help and inspire me because, when I’m the one who asks for help, they’re always there to give me their hand. I also have a cooking group on Facebook. I called him Amigos de AnnaRecetas Fácil and there we shared the day to day of our kitchens.

In December 2014 I decided to open my YouTube channel . It was a bit difficult to start cooking in front of a camera, but it is the way I can now transmit all those details that are sometimes difficult to explain with words or static images.

The blog takes a lot of work and I’m on several social networks like Google+ , Pinterest , twitter , Instagram and, of course, Facebook and YouTube .

I hope that everything I have told you has helped you to know me a little more and I thank you for the time you have dedicated me. Thank you.