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A Psychologist Reveals the 3 Minute Rule and Why It Is Important For Parents to Follow

When you come home from work do you spend any time with your child? Given the fact that a parent who performs daily tasks for their child isn’t an irresponsible one but how often do you sit with a child just for the sake of it. It takes almost 30 minutes to make dinner when you return, it would take another 15 minutes for you to unwind or read a book perhaps and it would take just a minute to tuck them into bed. Amongst all of these activities when you return home. There is a precious 3-minute ritual that not many parents perform which could be the most important part of your day. Do you know what that is?

1. What psychologists have to say?

According to a psychologist Nataliya Sirotich, there is a 3-minute rule that parents should follow which would gain their child’s trust to the point of it being carried on till they were teenagers. When you follow this rule, your child learns to be totally secure with you. This article will explain how to manage these 3 minutes correctly so that you and your child enjoy a perfect bond and understanding.

What psychologists have to say?

2. The 3-minute rule

The rule of 3 minutes says that when you return home, you should meet your child because you have not seen each other for a long time. This may also be applicable if you have gone out of the house on chores like a department store. This has to be done every day without fail.

The 3-minute rule
3. Position yourself at the same eye level

When you spend those 3 minutes with your child, you should make sure that you are on the same level as the child. Sit on a sofa or better still, you can sit on the rug while your child stands or sits down with you. It is important to maintain the same eye level as the child.

Position yourself at the same eye level
4. When you pick up your child from school, observe the 3 minute rule

This 3-minute rule is even more important when you pick your child up from kindergarten school. Just spend 3 minutes with them hugging them and asking them to tell you about their day and what they did that school. Small talk is important here because even if it may seem trivial for you, it is important for the child.
When you pick up your child from school, observe the 3 minute rule

5. Why it is important

According to Sirotich, a child will always want to reveal all the information going on in their minds the moment they see you. At this point in life, you perhaps are their biggest friend which is why they are all excited to open up to you. It may be trivial matters, it may be something they enjoyed or it may be something they do not like or they may be facing a problem in school. Either way, they are just eager to tell you about it.

Why it is important

6. The worst thing you can do

The most unfortunate action that many parents do unknowingly is to ignore these 3 minutes when they first meet their child after a day of absence. Depending on the character of the child, ignoring a child can have bad consequences. A child should never grow up knowing that it’s better to keep things to themselves.

The worst thing you can do

7. The consequences of ignoring children

What’s the worst thing that can happen? Well, when you ignore a child, you cultivate a more closed nature making the child enter a shell. If a child doesn’t get the opportunity to speak to their parents when they need them most, they will not do so when they grow older. Important facts and experiences will not seem important enough to talk about. This means you may end up missing out on several important aspects of your child’s life.

The consequences of ignoring children

8. Children may love telling you stuff the moment they see you

There are many children who will narrate things the entire evening. They will talk about old and new facts all in the same breath and will have large stories for their parents. But when you have no time for the child, the child ceases to give importance to their own day to day experiences and will be at risk of not hearing or doing things simply because they may feel it isn’t important. For them, such incidents and children who talk will be just plain background chatter or noise.

Children may love telling you stuff the moment they see you

9. Don’t take it literally

The 3-minute rule should never be taken literally. It doesn’t mean that you should spend only three minutes with your child and nothing more. It means that you should at least take 3 minutes of your time as soon as you meet your child so that the child can tell you whatever they want to especially the really important things in their lives. Psychologists say there are other things you can do to create a better bond of understanding with your child.

Don’t take it literally

10. Do something of mutual interest with your child

Take some time off and indulge in an activity that both you and your child may find interesting like a hobby, a game or cooking. Make it known to your kids that you are indeed interested in spending time with them and doing things together. A child needs you and by neglect, you aren’t fulfilling your emotional role of a parent.

Do something of mutual interest with your child

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