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What do I wear for a baptism? This question has come innumerable times to my email, and for this, I want to expand today the issue to help all those who are looking for this same information.

At least in Costa Rica, baptisms are held in the morning or afternoon, so these ideas are designed for these times. In each case, the degree of elegance of the attire will depend on the fabric of the dress or ensemble, as well as the accessories that accompany it.

What do I wear for a baptism? If I am the mother of the child

If you are the mother of the baptized a dress with short sleeves or 3/4 is a good option, the ideal length is at knee level, you can also have a long midi or mid-leg, but if you are short stature the first is the better choice. A cross dress with cut in line A is very flattering and suitable for most figures.
In hot climates, you can opt for a dress with wide straps, but avoid thin straps or strapless dresses that are very revealing and very unfit for this type of activity.

Another alternative is to choose a blouse and pants outfit-if that’s more comfortable for you-a straight leg combined with a blouse or patterned shirt would work well.

A jumpsuit is also an excellent option to see you very well for the occasion and to walk comfortably.

A set of pants and blouse or skirt and blouse can also work. Here the length of the skirt is also better than not above the knee for the type of activity, for a modern look to wear the two pieces in the same color or pattern is a good idea.

What do I wear for a baptism? If I am the godmother

If you are the godmother try to choose an outfit that is not very informative, in that sense it is also a good idea to ask the mother of the child who is going to be baptized, what kind of clothes will be worn so that you do not go much more elegant than her, you can also choose between a dress, a trouser, and blouse, or a skirt and blouse.

The stamped garments are good options, just avoid the very extravagant prints, in this type of activity I consider that less is more …
A cute dress in lace, a skirt printed with a white blouse, a jumpsuit or an integral or a set with black pants or a neutral color are all good options.

The fact that you choose one or the other depends a lot on the time of the baptism (and party) as well as the climate and type of celebration activity. If the activity is elegant and you decide to wear a set with pants, the blouse should be made of fabric and cut very thin so that it does not look very casual.

What do I wear for baptism if I am a guest?

If you are a guest you can choose a slightly less formal outfit (unless the invitation to the celebration indicates otherwise) or more avant-garde since you will not have a main role in the religious ceremony.

Within the options, you can choose between a maxi-dress, a dress with a knee length, a jumpsuit or printed pants -or smooth-. Remember that prints are always ideal to give some character to a simple look.

I also recommend paying attention to the type of shoes and accessories so that your outfit looks appropriate, but also comfortable.

What do I wear for baptism if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant, it may be even more difficult for you to decide what to wear to attend a baptism or similar activity. Quiet, here I am going to give you several ideas that can help you.

A dress (with knee length), a maxi-dress, a jumpsuit, or a set of pants and blouse, is fine. If you choose to wear pants, try to accompany them with a pretty blouse with lace details; a striking color or an unusual design, that will make your look more interesting.

Garments that have a cut under the bust help define the figure and look more stylized. I recommend them to you!

What do I wear for baptism if I am small?

If you have low stature and therefore have a hard time choosing what favors you, I recommend you wear a dress with an empire cut (cut under the bust) as this helps your legs look longer, dress in a single color, or wear matching clothes … The same color or pattern makes continuity and that stylizes and visually lengthens the figure.

In addition to the cuts under the bust, the garments that emphasize your waist are also ideal, on the contrary, avoid wearing the skirts on the outside (in case of a trouser and blouse) or low cuts or at the hip.

On the other hand, wearing shoes in skin color or nude is also a practice that can make you look taller, as well as garments in these colors.

What do I wear for a christening in cold season?

In case the christening takes place in an area or cold season the options are practically the same, here what varies are the materials of the garments (which must be warmer), and it is best to choose to wear long sleeves.

You can choose between a dress, outfit type suit either with a skirt or pants, or a set with pants and a blouse or knitted sweater.

Imitation fur or fur coats are a good alternative in very cold climates.

What kind of shoes are suitable?

If you are the mother or the godmother, the best thing is that if you wear comfortable shoes, remember that during the ceremony you will have to stand up at some moments and maybe (depending on the church or venue) go down or climb stairs. For this reason, wide-heeled shoes are the best option because they will make you look stylized but you will not sacrifice your comfort.

The shoes can be closed or sandal type and the color can also be very variable, and it will depend on the colors of your outfit so as not to make mistakes you can choose them in black, gold, silver or nude or leather color.

Also here I want to clarify that it is not mandatory to wear heels, if you prefer low shoes these are totally valid, in this case, some shoe ballerinas are ideal.

What shoes to avoid?

The shoes that you should avoid to take to baptism or similar activity are those very informal such as those that you would take for example to the beach, or some very high ones or with excessive decorations (like those that you would use in a party at night).

Other considerations

Whether you are the child’s mother, the godmother, or a guest, avoid wearing very revealing necklines or very short dresses.
If you are the mother or the godmother I recommend not wearing belts or accessories that make it difficult to carry the baby.
“Apostate” for the colors. To achieve more modern styles, I chose garments in bright and/or cheerful colors and avoid the styles of total black.
To finish I want to make an important clarification. These recommendations are made with the desire that all of you my readers who have difficulties deciding what to put on special activities, find in them a guide that will facilitate that decision.

My intention is never to pigeonhole all of them in a certain type of clothing to fit into society; because to tell the truth I have always fought and defended to be different. So when I say “the most appropriate is a dress or garment …” I say not limiting, but guiding, because in the end if I help them choose and that will make them more calm and happy in a certain activity, then I think that my work was good 😉

Luck! =)


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