These are the advantages of opting for a bespoke wedding dress

Thinking about what will be the costume you will wear at your wedding? If you are faced with the dilemma of buying a model already made in a specialized store or opting for a bespoke wedding dress, keep reading because we help you to dispel this doubt. Today we talk about the advantages of opting for an exclusive design!

When we get fully into the organization of our wedding, one of the aspects that makes us more excited is the choice of our wedding dress. However, at LucíaSeCasa we know that the first question you usually ask yourself is whether it is better to buy the dress that has already been previously designed in a bridal boutique or if, on the contrary, it will give you more advantages to go to a designer’s atelier so that you can make a bespoke wedding dress.

As always we want to help you in making these important decisions, hence today we will tell you the advantages of opting for an exclusive model for you.

Advantages of opting for a bespoke wedding dress:

Personalized advice: If you go to any bridal boutique we assume that you will be treated wonderfully, but it is more than likely that you will miss part of the advice that you will have if you choose an experienced designer to make your dress. The difference is that in a store you can select from a certain number of designs, while in the other way your model will start from scratch, with the fabrics, finishes, and details you’ve always dreamed of. To this will be added the experience of the designer you have chosen, who will advise you on what suits you best or represents more the essence you want to convey.

Exclusivity: every bride wants to feel unique and special in her Bday and the fulfillment of this premise begins with the outfit itself. If you decide on a bespoke wedding dress you will have the opportunity to decide even the smallest detail of this. The result of this will be a total identification with your bridal look, which will provide you security and confidence.

Price: many brides are held in the false belief that a bespoke wedding dress will be more expensive than a previously made, it is our duty to tell you that this is not so. When creating an exclusive design, you can choose the fabrics and details to add based on your budget …, so with small adaptations, you can still have the dress with which you have always imagined.

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