Slow Beauty | What is this trend?

The Slow Beauty movement represents unhurried beauty based on the harmony of time and, above all, in the use of natural cosmetics according to a totally healthy rhythm of life.

Immersed in a routine of the most stressful at work, to which we must add the chores of the house, children … and much more! We end up forgetting to dedicate time to ourselves. Hence, this trend has been so successful, it is an ideal way to achieve internal well-being in our day to day and fight against the aging of the hand of natural products. Pay attention to all the benefits that Slow Beauty can bring you!

What is Slow Beauty?

It is a philosophy of life that consists of carrying out healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating healthy, playing sports, sleeping the necessary hours and dedicate a few minutes to meditate, walk and enjoy all the benefits that nature provides.

The use of products that respect the environment in which you live is undoubtedly an added value to this movement that invites you to practice mindfulness, with which you have a great relationship. Some of its main features lie in focusing all your attention on yourself, on your body, on learning to disconnect and achieve emotional well-being.

Slow Beauty Products

This movement has more followers every day, even many celebrities have incorporated Slow Beauty into their beauty routine, leaving evidence of this in their social networks. Under the premise “prevent better than cure”, this trend is committed to the care of body and soul daily.

Do not forget to include these natural cosmetics in your travel bag designed to prevent aging and keep your skin firm and hydrated daily.

Coconut products in Druni

Still, do not know Cocunat products? From the moment you know all the advantages offered by your 100% skin- free cosmetics for hair and skin care, you will not want to try anything else! Here we show some of the products that you can buy in Druni de Luz del Tajo perfumery.

Products of Kiko Milano

The Italian cosmetics firm has renewed the Green Meline and… Come back to stay! Under the motto “the revolution begins in nature”, this line is composed of makeup products, treatments for skin care and accessories with formulas, textures, and packaging based on very high percentages of ingredients of natural origin.

Head over to the Kiko Milano store in Luz del Tajo and enhance your beauty thanks to the active principles and extracts rich in moisturizing and nourishing properties of these products to soften and detoxify your skin. In addition, every detail of the packaging is faithful to the natural and eco-friendly essence of the collection.

Products of The Body Shop

If there is a firm that bets on natural products, that is The Body Shop of Luz del Tajo. Your Fuji Green Tea collection, designed to revitalize your body and detoxify your mind, is ideal for putting Slow Beauty into practice.

The best way to use your products is to give you a bath of green tea that is relaxing, purifying and energizing. Coming from the Fuji region of Japan, this collection is ideal to treat yourself and take care of your skin and mind, accompanying this ritual with a good cup of tea.
n addition, it also has a line of products made from tea tree oil that contain multiple benefits. For example, we recommend you try this purifying tea tree facial cleanser, ideal to cleanse your face in-depth eliminating all traces of makeup or dirt from your epidermis.

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