Permanent nails – Guide for a perfect manicure 2019

Are you tired of having to do your manicure every few days? If you want to show perfect nails for a longer time, we recommend that you bet for the permanent manicure. To prove it, you just have to stop by The Colored Clap in Luz del Tajo and let yourself be advised by the best professionals. Next, we reveal the nail trends that will succeed this season. Do not lose detail!

Permanent nails 2019 | Trend designs

From the moment you try the permanent manicure, you will not be able to resist repeating! With a duration of three weeks or so, this type of enamel provides a gel effect finish that adds extra shine to your nails.

If you decide to attend a specialized center, such as The Colored Clap in Luz del Tajo, you will receive personalized attention with top quality products. Once you have given the ideal shape to your nails, filing them, polishing them and with the cuticles under control, as you like, the process begins! They will clean your nails with cotton and a product that keeps them impeccable. Then apply a primer and when it has dried, proceed to permanent enamel in the color you want. Next, you will have to place your nails under a LED lamp and, to finish, they will apply a top coat to fix the enamel to the nails. That easy!

Permanent nails 2019 | Colors

The type of enamel that is used to make permanent manicure is essential. The permanent enamel is the one that needs to be dried in an LED lamp. The great advantage of this type of enameling is that the drying is complete and there is no risk of it spoiling as soon as it is finished.

In the event that you decide to make yourself the permanent manicure, you should look carefully at the brand you choose to get a good result and not end up weakening or damaging your nails.

If you do not decide on any color, you just have to look at the nails that some celebrities wear to inspire you and opt for that color that suits you best.

Permanent nails 2019 | Animal Print

One of the prints that will continue to be very present this season is the animal print. In the same way that it has crept into our cabinets, the print that emulates the skin of the leopard, the zebra or the snake can also be reflected in your nails getting a result of the most original and colorful. For a sample, check out this video from the youtube Patry Jordan.

If you want to get the best enamels, do not hesitate to stop by the Kiko Milano store in Luz del Tajo. In it, you will find a wide variety of colors so that you can choose those that you like the most to perform your manicure.

Permanent nails 2019 | Glitter

For the most daring, the glitter is one of the trends that never leaves us. The “brillibrilli” will bring a different touch to your manicure and you will get to leave everyone with their mouths open. If you want to get your nail lacquer with built-in glitter, take a look at these Essence brand products that you can find in Druni de Luz del Tajo perfumery.

Permanent nails 2019 | With mirror effect

Since discovering this trend last year, we have not yet managed to recover from this surprising result. The originality of the nails with mirror effect leaves no one indifferent, so if you are looking for a completely different option, do not hesitate to try this particular manicure that uses juicy tones and achieves a spectacular finish.

How to remove permanent nails?

When you do a more daily manicure, just a little cotton, and nail polish remover to clean your nails. However, to remove the permanent enamels you will need a more powerful product, such as pure acetone.

To avoid risks, we recommend that you go to a specialized establishment, such as The Colored Clap in Luz del Tajo, to put yourself in the hands of the best professionals.

Where to get permanent nails?

To get the best result in permanent manicure, we advise you to go to a beauty salon that has good products and get a professional result.a

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