Ideas to decorate the wedding table with wood

Are you organizing your wedding and want to give it a special and unique touch through the decoration? You can bet on the wood to create a rustic and natural atmosphere during the banquet, one of the key moments of the celebration.

We propose some ideas to decorate the wedding table and customize it, surprising the guests.

Wooden underplate

The slices of wood are a great idea to use as a plate on the wedding table. In addition, it is a practical way to indicate the space of each guest.

Candles and flowers

Complete the wedding table with white candles and natural flowers in soft tones. In addition, you can place the candles on small slices of wood and decorate them with flowers and bows. These elements combined with wood help create a rustic and natural environment perfect for this celebration.

Details in wood

The wood is also useful to personalize the wedding tables with small details. You can record the name of the couple, the date or creative and inspiring messages on slices of wood. We suggest you also add other decorative elements such as white stones or flowers to reinforce the rustic and natural setting.

Wood signs

The wedding table, besides being attractive, should be practical. The more the organization of the guests is facilitated, the better everything will go and the problems will be avoided. That is why it is important to point out to the guests what their table is, and what better way to do it than with personalized wooden slices. It is a unique detail that will help the organization to be perfect.

Thanks to this combination of wood, candles, and flowers you will get a balanced and relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy this special day.

Custom wood decoration:

If you have decided on this type of decoration for your wedding table, in Decotronco we can help you.

Tell us how you want your wedding decoration to be and we will make a personalized proposal. We also create wedding invitations in wood!


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