Here in Costa Rica is approaching the end of rainy days, but with it also come the coldest nights of the year where the fashionable shoes for cold days that are more functional are the boots. If you read me regularly you will know that they are my favorite women’s shoes, since in addition to adding a lot of style to a look they also allow us to keep our feet warm and can be found in really comfortable styles.

Boots, fashion shoes for cold days

Why? Because there are in many styles and materials, with thin or very wide heels, and best of all is that there are boots for all tastes, very feminine styles and other more masculine ideals to use in eclectic looks where they are even combined with the skirt.

Here are some styles that you can find in Flexi shoe stores:

Riding boots

This type of long boots is one of the favorites of the ties. You can combine them with jeans, a T-shirt, and a blazer -for example- for a casual style, but also work with skirts and even dresses. Their comfort makes them suitable for many activities such as going to college, going to the movies and more.

Booty strips

Important event? These boots are the perfect option for your outfits at night, the height of the boot is very flattering and works with jeans, skirts or dresses.

Track booty

The track ankle boots are perfect for those days when you want to be comfortable. You can also combine them with skirts and some basic blouse or dresses or pants. A good option to go to work, or even to go shopping for your comfortable heel.

Outdoor booties, shoelaces, and flat

These are other fashionable shoe options for cold days that you can use for very different activities. The outdoor boots work for urban styles or even to go for a walk to nature, the shoelaces to accompany a rock style in total black or even with a skirt, and flat black ankle boots for classic and minimalist styles. The options are many!

Do not forget the Sneakers or tennis

Undoubtedly boots are the fashion shoes for cold days par excellence, however, at this time when they are very trendy tennis shoes or sneakers are also ideal to wear on cold days where we also look to be modern and comfortable.
They are also found in a number of styles, materials, and colors, thick sole, with different textures, or even woven sneakers that are one of the best options, since they not only provide comfort but also take care of the health of the feet.

If you find it hard to choose, I recommend opting for a pair of black, white or neutral tennis shoes that can work with many different styles and colors.

As you have already seen on the street, wearing sneakers or tennis shoes with a dress or skirt is a very fashionable alternative that allows you to make greater use of this type of shoes. Do you dare to try this combination?

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