5 tips for correct lighting in the kitchen

Each zone the home is different, so it is important to have tips for proper lighting in the kitchen. From Reformas Madrid we offer tips to enjoy a pleasant, functional and cozy space.

Create a cozy space

Lighting plays an important role in the kitchen. It is a place in the house where you can get to spend a lot of time. Some consider it the heart of the home. To determine the steps to follow when talking about light, several aspects must be taken into account, such as the size of the space, but in any design the lights are paramount.

In the kitchen, meals will be prepared and served. Be snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. They will even sit down to enjoy the food, so bad lighting can ruin any moment.

If the site is dark or full of shadows, you can not take advantage of this space in the home. It must be a comfortable, welcoming and friendly place. Lighting is key for this, which must be differentiated in each kitchen area, so we can take advantage of space and save energy bills.

Tips for correct lighting in the kitchen

Take advantage of natural light

To have perfect lighting all the elements must be used. It is key to know how to combine natural light with artificial light. The layout of the kitchen can not avoid enjoying the light that enters through the doors or windows. With good planning, you can make an important game so that the space is very pleasant.

Light zones separately

All space must be well lit. The idea is to combine a general light of the entire space, with other species in several areas. This way you can even save your electricity bill. Both the sink, the cabinet, and the cooking zone have to have specific bulbs.

It uses fluorescent lights

In the case of the general lighting of the kitchen. It is best to have fluorescent lights. They are recommended for the amount of light they produce, as well as being more economical in the long term. The idea is to have lights that do not give heat because of the characteristics of the space. In addition, white bulbs are ideal for preparing meals.

Use the recessed lights

One way to achieve a cozy space is by adding recessed lights. Clarity is generated on the work surface, without disturbing the view. It can be added in areas of cupboards and cupboards, in which there are elements for cooking. This creates an elegant atmosphere in this part of the house. You can also take advantage of extractor lamps, so you should not exaggerate with the number of bulbs.

Correct use of hanging lights

Spotlights can be used as general light, distributed throughout the kitchen. But the use of hanging lights is also common. This can be found in the dining room and kitchen islands. It must be warm lighting and have a reasonable distance. Minimum of 60 cm between the lamp and the table, so that it does not affect the heat.

These are five tips for the correct lighting of the kitchen. Everything also depends on design and ideas that can be applied to this space of the house. Do you want a remodel? Do you have problems with lighting? Do not forget that you can ask for advice, as well as share your comments, suggestions, and experiences.

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