Hi, I hope you’re having a nice day! =) Today I bring you a theme that although it does not have to do directly with fashion, it has to do with clothes. I will not talk about trends or the garment of the moment, but something very different: Share your clothes.

Those who know me know that I often share my clothes with other people … I like every so often to check my closet and determine what are those clothes that have been unused for some time, to take them out and give them to someone who uses them and enjoys them. Has it also happened to you that you buy a blouse and spend up to 6 months without using it? Do not you think it would be better if that blouse had a use and fulfilled the function for which it was made? That is exactly my philosophy.

If this is a practice that you do not carry out but you would like to do it, I share some ideas so that those clothes that are only occupying space in your closet have a better use.

4 ideas of how to share your clothes:

The first alternative that is perhaps the easiest, is to give away those clothes that you do not use to relatives or friends … With the clothes that we do not use, the phrase “the garbage of a man is the treasure of another” an eye that I do not say garbage in the contemptuous sense, but really something that we do not like someone else can simply enchant him. Even that garment you gave her may even be her favorite wardrobe item.
If you have little clothes and give it away is not an option for you because you would be without necessary clothes, one option is to organize a party, meeting or exchange of clothes in your home. You can invite friends and family and tell them to bring clothes, accessories, and shoes that they want to exchange. This is a way to renew your wardrobe and help your friends do it too.

For the activity to be a success, remember to have a full-length mirror on hand at the activity site, as well as a space suitable for testing clothes, some drinks, and snacks.
The third option is to share your clothes and donate them to a charity group. You can find groups in your community that collect clothes to give to communities in need. This is always a very good idea.

Do you have pieces that you use but you have a little tired? Make a temporary exchange. For example, if your friend has a jacket or jacket that you like and you have one that you have already used a lot, offer to change it for a while! A good way to share your clothes where the two will have a “new” piece and can refresh their style. Here it is important to define how long the change will be to avoid misunderstandings.

How do I select what clothes to share?

If you do not buy clothes very often the selection must be careful because you can run out of basic clothes that you will need later … For example, check your wardrobe and see black dress pants that you have been wearing for over a year, so you decide to give it away or exchange it and then you have a formal activity and you think “I wear that black dress pants”.

So when you are analyzing your closet ask yourself these questions:

  • How many years ago did I not use this garment? I would say that if you have not used it for more than 6 months, you will hardly do it.
  • Normally when I use this garment? This is to know if it is one of those garments that although you use very little you do it every so often in specific activities such as a marriage, funeral, or trip to the beach, for example.
  • I like this garment, I feel it goes with my style? The latter is not as important as the previous ones, but it will help you to have a wardrobe with clothes that you really like.


Never give away unwashed garments, with holes, or in poor condition. Take the time to wash it properly and make arrangements for someone else to enjoy it. 😉

I hope you liked the article! Thanks for visiting the blog! =)