10 very fun ideas for a bachelorette party

There are many reasons that can push you to look for a bachelorette party. For example, in the group, there are pregnant, underage or declared abstemious. However, this fact does not have to lead you to cancel the celebration. There are plenty of fun party options, where spirits are not necessary.

10 proposals of bachelor party 

Visit to the amusement park

Is there anything better than the adrenaline produced by riding a roller coaster? You can wear personalized t-shirts or slippers to play and spend a day enjoying your favorite attractions and eating sweets and junk food.

Spa Day

In three words: give pleasure. And in three others: because you are worth it. Plan a visit as complete and as full of pampering as possible: thermal circuit, manicure, facial massage, body massage … There is no more pleasant way to spend a day surrounded by your friends.

Travel by car

Plan a weekend or day trip to a nearby city. Being sober will allow you to have a good number of drivers and fully enjoy the experience. If you are looking for an unknown place for all, you will love discovering its corners together.

Brunch, lunch or dinner

You can try a new place or choose your favorite place to enjoy a delicious meal. Not having to worry about the drink will allow you to invest in desserts, gifts, in a special decoration …

Group class

There are classes of almost anything that you can share and turn into the center of your bachelorette party. For example, a collective session of automaquillaje, a day of pastry, a course of painting, ceramic or kitchen … If you all share a hobby, you will enjoy doing something related to it together.

Group photo session

Spend the day with a professional photographer, who is able to get the best out of you and let you create a spectacular album. It will be a magnificent memory. You can combine this possibility with a previous beauty party, which will leave you all beautiful.
And, for the most daring, how about a collective session of boudoir?

Coffee in style

You can organize a snack at someone’s house, with non-alcoholic beverages (tea, coffee) and all kinds of desserts. You can also book in a tea room, or even in a luxury hotel. You decide how glamorous you want the date to be.

Slumber Party Get together in a house from mid-afternoon and spend the night together, with your slippers at home and your pajamas. You can do a marathon of your favorite film series or trilogy, for example. Or get hooked on a good board game. You can also hire the services of a stylist, who will make up or comb them all, or a chef to cook your dinner …

Themed Carrera

The running is fashionable, and there are plenty of themed races which can sign up as a team. If you are all athletes, take advantage of the farewell excuse to share this experience. You can thematize your kit and, once the race is over, go eat together.

Outdoor adventure

If you are a group of adventurers or athletes, you will love to enjoy a day or weekend excursion to the countryside, where you can practice some adventure activity: canoeing, rafting, climbing, karts, paintball …

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