10 tips for a happy marriage

[Warning]: It is not the solution to the big problems, but small habits that will make your relationship much stronger and that carrying them out day by day, will strengthen you and will not let the relationship fall into routine and neglect.

Holding hands

A gesture as simple as this makes anyone happy. Feeling that the person you love supports you is one of the best feelings and a gesture of affection that is always valued.

Go to bed at the same time

Whenever possible, go to bed at once. So, you can spend the last minutes of the day together, telling your things.

Share hobbies

It is very important that a couple keep the illusion and passion in the relationship. Therefore, look for common interests, to spend time between the two that strengthens your relationship and does not allow you to fall into the routine.

Knowing how to ask for forgiveness

Neither you nor your partner is perfect people, so you must learn to ask for forgiveness when you know that you have been wrong. It is important not to hold a grudge against the other person.

Learning to forget

Do not constantly recriminate your partner what he did wrong. If it is past, it is past. And neither are you constantly complaining about the things you do wrong, always stress your positive things.

Say goodbye with a kiss

The show of affection must always be present in a relationship. Hugs and kisses are ways to show the love you feel towards a person so never repress those gestures.

Say “I love you”

And never, never, never, forget to say “I love you” to your partner. Yes, you know you love him but we all love to listen to him. (And you’ll get a smile)

Keep in touch during the day

It is likely that you spend most of the day separated. Still, write a message to your partner throughout the day. That connection will increase your complicity.

Feel proud of your partner

Always show how proud you are of your partner and how happy that relationship makes you, as well as all the achievements made by her.

Never go to sleep while being fought

You will create a climate of discomfort that will not let you sleep peacefully, and the next day you will continue dragging that bad mood. It is best to clarify things before bedtime and let the anger cool during the night.

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