The beauty tips you should know

We all love to look perfect on any occasion, but sometimes you do not have enough time or money to invest in the most sophisticated cosmetics. However, in all this, there is more myth than reality because if you spend 15 minutes throughout the day for yourself, they can be enough to take care of your skin and make a simple makeup that favors you and conceals your imperfections.

Care your skin

One of the essential steps that you can not miss in your beauty routine is to moisturize your skin. Before proceeding to apply any foundation, it is necessary that your particular ‘canvas’ is as hydrated as possible so that the finish of the base is as natural.

UV radiation from the sun, pollution and sudden changes in temperature become the main enemies of your skin, so you must fight them with the help of a moisturizer, eye contour, concealer, and a base that not only adds color to your skin. your face, but also protect it. Here we recommend some of the products that you can find in the Druni de Luz del Tajo perfumery.

Use vegetable oils

If you want to add extra hydration to your skin, in addition to the one provided by your usual cream, use vegetable oils. There are several types, depending on your needs, whether to moisturize, cleanse or soften the skin naturally.

If you have dry skin, we recommend you try coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or rosehip oil. Take a look at some of the oils you’ll find at the Body Shop store in Luz del Tajo.

Makeup tips

When it comes to makeup, it is essential that you choose which area of ​​your face you want to enhance. In the case of opting to highlight your eyes, the tone you choose from lips should be softer. If instead, you prefer to enhance your lips, it is convenient that the eyeshadow you choose is not too flashy. Get the latest news from Kiko Milano, take a tour of the store that you have in our Center and select your favorite products.

Practice exercise

Playing sports frequently will allow you to feel better both inside and out. The lack of time in the end always makes you lazy and you can not sign up to the gym. However, that is no longer an excuse! We propose some exercises to keep you in shape from home that will be infallible to deal with laziness.

On the other hand, social networks have many profiles designed to teach you to lead a healthy life. Discover sports gurus that will help you get fit.

Take a little while for you every day and apply these beauty tips to be perfect at all times without having to spend hours in front of the mirror or using unattainable cosmetics, as there are always cheaper alternatives with good value for money that will take care of your skin.

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