SUPERGIANT birthday sponge cake (3 Kg, 40 servings)

Spongy birthday cake SUPERGIANT (3 Kg, 40 servings): presentation

The birthday cake is a classic in children’s birthday celebrations. Children are sweet but do not usually accept any type of cake. The magic formula to always guess is making a simple and traditional cake.

If you have children of school age and every year you have doubts about what to bring to school to celebrate with your classmates … read on. As I have told you on other occasions, the children grow and also the biscuits should grow with them. Just imagine that with a cake of 500 grams someone wants to take all the ovations and congratulations of a primary class, with more than 30 fouls in the cabin, my soul shrinks. I bring you a spongy birthday cake huge with which you will have more than enough for all children are satisfied and also show you an idea of ​​how to decorate and turn it into a piñata cake and get your child to be acclaimed by their peer’s own merits. Yes, because the work of decorating it belongs to him and he will also do it with pleasure and enjoy it beautifully. I also take the opportunity to give you a few tips so that the cake is perfect because there are many of you who tell me that you can not get the cake to go up.


For 40 servings

  • 15 Eggs size L
  • 750 g of flour (6 cups)
  • 750 g of sugar (3 cups)
  • 500 ml of cream 35% fat (2 cups of cream
  • milk or cream to beat)
  • 10 g of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla
  • 200 ml of milk (slightly less than 1 cup)
  • 20 g of baking powder or baking powder

Spongy birthday cake SUPERGIANT (3 Kg, 40 servings): video receta

Spongy birthday cake SUPERGIANT (3 Kg, 40 servings): preparation of the recipe

1.- Turn the oven to 175º C with heat up and down (you may need to put a little less temperature in your oven, guide yourself by the temperature at which you bake the basic cake ). Prepare the mold (I have used a tray of roast meat of 30 x 4o x 7 centimeters) with baking paper and sprinkled with a release agent or, failing that, butter.

2.- Separate the whites of the yolks in two different bowls. Beat the whites with the rods for 3 or 4 minutes and, when they start to lift, add half the sugar. Beat again until the clear one draws you drawing and you will have it fully assembled, reserve.

3.- Add the cream and the rest of the sugar to the yolks and mix with the blender. Add the milk, vanilla, and sieve the flour and baking powder or yeast on the mixture, which you must mix beforehand. Mix with the blender until you get the desired texture (watch the video).
4.- Add the egg whites to the mixture with enveloping movements so that the egg whites do not fall. When all the ingredients are integrated, it is time to pass the mixture to the mold.

5.- Carefully pour all the dough into the mold. Insert the cake in the centered oven. Maybe it starts to brown, in that case, do not hesitate to lower the temperature. In my case, after 45 minutes in the oven, under the temperature at 160 degrees only with heat down. In total, the cake has been in the oven for 1 hour and 3 minutes. This cake is very big and it takes a lot of time, so it is important that during the first three-quarters of an hour it is not browned because it could stay raw inside. You see that it has taken an hour and a half, but if yours needs more time, be patient and let it be done slowly.

6.- Check that it is already done by pinching with a stick of Brochet or needle of the sock and, if the skewer comes out clean, it is ready.
7.- To unmold it, it is better to help someone. Pull the ends of the baking paper and leave it on top of a rack to cool it.

Sponge cake birthday decoration:

It is important to cut the cake in equal portions and, if you take it to the colleague, the teacher will be glad to find a sponge cake ready to distribute. Remember that in the classes there are usually no knives;).

I have chosen to decorate the cake with sweets and turn it into a piñata sponge cake. For this, I used jellybeans and lollipops, although you can use lollipops or other candy with a stick because it facilitates the work;). Prick with a wooden stick two or three jelly beans and stick the stick in each of the portions. Adorn also with a lollipop.

My tricks:

You already know that I usually bake the biscuits at a constant temperature, but in this, there has been a small variation that I explain to you next. I have had 45 minutes with a temperature of 175 degrees and heat up and down, but it has begun to brown sooner than I had anticipated. I have lowered the temperature to 160 degrees and only with the heat down, it has taken much longer to get done but the problem has been solved.

You tell me that when you take it out of the oven, the cake goes down. Most times it is because it lacks cooking. Although you prick it and it seems that the needle comes out clean, sometimes it is a little wet. Do not hesitate to have it 5 more minutes in the oven.

It is very important, once you take out the birthday sponge cake from the oven, put the sponge cake on a grid so that the air circulates and the moisture that comes off when it is still hot evaporates.

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