Make your own shelf with reusable material

From your company Reformas10, we will teach you basic questions to make your own shelf with reusable material. Surely at home has objects that you think throw away because they lost their useful life or their main functionality, but it is possible to give a 180 ° turn and renew it with different utilities ranging from decoration to storage. Let’s see how to transform some implements into shelves for your home.

Check what you have

From plastic fruit boxes, wooden boxes, old drawers, worn books, stairs, pipes and any other material that you will not use, it could work. You just have to experiment a little. For example:

Wooden or plastic fruit boxes

The idea is to start taking ideas to arrange them and consider the size according to the available quantity. You can leave separations on some levels and higher put them together. Some people prefer to install them on the ground (the plastic ones) and to keep it fixed they screw some pieces of wood.

Now, if you want them to visually attract attention with a neat finish, wrap the inside with pieces of fabric, if you do not find textiles, get some slate paint or chalk paint and paint. When drying, it will have a surface on which you can write down appointments. , recipes or reminders. The exterior is reviewed with layers of paint of the color of your choice or purchase self-adhesive vinyl to stick to each box on the outside; this last option is economic. Here we give you some advice when it comes to making bigger reforms.

To hang them you have to place some hooks on the walls and then add some hooks to the drawers. There, you will get good results because you can organize things in attractive funds.

An old staircase is very useful

If you have a ladder of those that open in “V” inverted and you plan to throw it away, do not do it! Use it as a pretty original bookcase. Look for wooden planks of different sizes (start with larger ones from below than go out a few centimeters and as you go climbing stairs have smaller, but just as excel) and measure the distance between the center of the table or platform and the center of each step, where the screws should go. Before drilling, wax the screws if you see that the wood cracks easily.

With a simple wooden ladder, it is also possible to reuse. Cutting it with a saw and drilling it on a wall, it makes individual segments for books to organize a library, the same rungs separate the space perfectly.

Speaking of books, they join the list to make their own shelf with reusable material.

Books as shelves

If you have hardcovers of old books or just books that do not interest you anymore, and you do not know what to do with them you can make some shelves yourself. You will need wedges, blocks or blocks of wood of the same thickness of the dial, long screws, glue, knife (if you must remove leaves), support in “L” to give more resistance.

  1. Evaluate the place where you will install them.
  2. Drill the wooden block in the area where each screw goes.
  3. Cut according to the length of the book cover.
  4. Draw lines on sheets as if they were pages to be placed on the dowel and disguise the wood or use those from the same book stuck there.
  5. With a little glue adhere the cover on the wood leaving the spine exposed and the opening part of the same end of the perforations made previously. Let dry and arrange on the wall.
  6. To give support use support in “L” and a better finish is given by a layer of varnish.

We hope that these tips motivate you to make your own shelf with reusable material. What do you think? Tell us and do not forget to share the article in your social networks.

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