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For all those who have to work in an office, they know very well the importance of the area of ​​work, if this space is not ordered or is not adequate, it can negatively impact the performance of workers, it is because of this situation that In Reform Company in Madrid we will tell you some DIY projects that you can apply in your office, using the method of “Do it Yourself” or do it yourself, you will only need a few materials that are not hard to get, have the initiative and want to give a drastic change to your workspace.

Use your creativity

Being productive at work is a priority, there are many methods that can help you be more efficient and space where you develop your work tasks has a lot to do, as we said before. If you are one of those people who have to search in all places every time they ask for a file or document, these DIY projects that you can apply in your office will fall very well, as we will explain how to perform certain tasks so that everything is organized. the best way, no matter if you have a small space or a small budget.

One of the first ideas you can carry out is to transform a wardrobe into a desk for two. It is very simple, you will only need a relatively large wardrobe (depending on the size of your office) and that has several shelves, you can devise them to transform this piece into a desk where you can place your computer and some ornaments, it is very useful if you want to take advantage of the space to the maximum and without a doubt, it is very creative.

Tricks that will definitely make a change in your office

If you consume some canned foods, you can refuse cans (especially those of tomatoes) as desk organizers, we recommend that you remove the paper wrapper and you can paint them in your favorite color, if you have children, you can tell them to do it A nice design that is meaningful to you. Here you can store pencils, scissors, chargers and any other item that you consider necessary

Other DIY projects that you can apply in your office are the following:

  • A good trick to make your desk drawers are organized is to place special baskets, which can be obtained in stores as bookstores, also serve as separators.
  • The cups you do not use can be reused to store some office supplies.
  • You can make your own minimalist desk by building a shelf and also serve as a drawer, where you can store some of your belongings or files inside, as well as decorate it as you prefer.
  • The wooden drawers are also very useful to store, in addition to placing them on your desk, you can stick them on the walls.
  • To organize your mail, you can use ice cream tubs cut and painted the color you prefer, you can place a message to identify what type of mail stored in each.
  • The decorated shoe boxes are also one of the items that you can use to store office supplies.
  • You can also take advantage of the glued filing cabinets and place them on the wall, so you can organize your documents and have them always at hand.
  • If you are very creative, you can even make some storage cases with Legos.

We hope you put into practice everything we have said today, remember that creativity and inspiration must be present when creating these DIY projects that you can apply in your office. If you liked this note, feel free to share it on your social networks.

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