5 renovations for your kitchen in spring

Fresh and modern, so are the renovations for your kitchen in the spring that we propose in this post. In Reformas10 we know that this season is the best season to start with its renovations, especially for spaces as complex as the kitchen, with huge resale value and the place where part of the family shares.

Why renovate your kitchen?

Spring is one of the best times to start with a partial or integral reform. The climate is fresh and the ideas are full, it is more comfortable to move to another place while completing complex jobs. The holidays in this season are not abundant so the workflow will be faster and after the weeks the results will be seen.

Conditioning the kitchen is a task that every owner must consider at least once every five years. In this space, family coexists and is a direct projection of the rest of the house or flat. If your guests notice that this place is outdated or not functional, what will they think of the other rooms?

In this season, reforms of greater complexity can be made. For example, in electrical systems, replacing countertops, painting walls, modifying the location of elements and more.

5 proposals for renovations for your kitchen in spring

Among all the possible renovations there are proposals for renovations for your kitchen that are an excellent option.

  1. Renew cabinets: Among the cares that give your home in spring is to condition the old cabinets. It is not difficult, you only need a varnish, sandpaper and the paint of your choice to renew them. Use the color you prefer and let it dry for at least 24 hours or according to the indications of the product. Thoroughly clean the handles or replace if they are rusted.
  2. Optimize lighting: Open space to natural light or optimize the artificial to bring more life to this part of the house, especially in a time like spring. Light bulbs and windows should favor creating a cozy atmosphere. Use low consumption lights focused on work areas and general lighting. Remove curtains or heavy fabrics from the window and clean at depth.
  3. Knock down walls: Open kitchens are in vogue, so if you have heavy walls to get rid of spring is a good time to do it. Clear your kitchen of untimely areas that reduce space to the place.
  4. Replacing countertops: Find the material of your choice to make this change. For example quartz, granite, porcelain, wood, aluminum or glass. This according to your maintenance needs and aesthetic criteria.
  5. Painting the tiles: This small change will make a huge difference in the appearance of your kitchen by rejuvenating it. Use special paint for this material and before applying clean the surface well and protect the areas that you do not want to stain by accident.

Final tips to optimize your kitchen this season

  • Replace old and small windows with renovated ones, with good reception of light and energy efficiency. This will help keep the house cool and the kitchen lit.
  • Include some natural element in your kitchen as a plant of a resistant variety that can develop indoors.
  • If you want to close your kitchen you can use laminated plasterboard to avoid endless renovations in spring.
  • Keep appliances out of sight and avoid excessive decoration on your countertops.

Which of these reforms for your kitchen in spring would you like to apply these months? Do not hesitate to ask us your questions in the comments and share this post to spread the information.

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